Follow-up on TMS actions

Follow-up MSD actions

In order to reduce the noise level of the engraving machine for aluminium parts, we called on the CARSAT to carry out a study.

The study was carried out in 2 stages:

  • 1st step : Measurement in the current conditions – Edition of a report indicating the measured noise level (81 dB) and the recommendations to reduce it.

We followed their recommendations: realization and installation of a thick polycarbonate cover. We added a ventilation system to evacuate residual odors related to lubrication. An air circuit was created.

  • 2nd step : New measurements were taken under the same conditions with the installation in place



The sound level was found to be 67dB, which leads to an acoustic gain of 14dB.

This is a level that allows for a moderate sound environment where, for example, a conversation in normal voice is quite possible.

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