Joubert Lacour’s expertise in cold stamping meets the requirements of the automotive sector.

Our parts are integrated into your vehicle’s interior, chassis, battery, windscreen wiper systems, or car accessories such as roof bars or snow chains.

We also provide expertise in terms of heat treatment and surface treatment, which are very important in this sector as the vehicles are subject to significant and diverse climatic stresses.

Sport & Leisure

The knowledge of working with all types of metal has enabled Joubert Lacour to position itself in very specialised niches, to become the N°1 cutter and stamper for the world leader in mountaineering and caving equipment and to equip most of the adventure parks.


Our expertise and know-how in working with soft metals such as copper meet the requirements of the railway sector. We manufacture numerous stamped parts that are used in the composition of batteries for high-speed trains, trams and relays for railway switches.

We also supply complete sub-assemblies for this sector, which we produce in our own factory.


Our services range from the design to the production of customised assemblies, sub-assemblies and finished products in the energy sector, such as components for the metal frameworks of solar panel fields. Joubert Lacour is able to produce parts of any size, from small to large series.


An expert in metal cutting and transformation, Joubert Lacour is renowned for the production of structures for heavy loads: printing, processing centres, aeronautical workshops, etc. Joubert Lacour has developed a specific range for computer rooms and DATA CENTERS.

Our Data Center range is based on our KFS (Key Frame System) technical floor structure. KFS, technical floors for data centres, computer rooms and technical premises. The KFS system is the framework for your heavy-duty floors.

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Joubert Lacour provides all stamping, cutting and welding assembly services for the industrial sector. From the design of tools to the technical stamping of metal parts, Joubert Lacour provides complete support by placing all its know-how and experience at your disposal. A few examples of parts made for the Industry sector: waste conveyor girders (bending/welding), components for pressure equipment, parts for fixing traffic signs or even steps for posts.

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