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The site you are visiting uses tracers called “cookies” (which in this version are not delicious cakes). The site is thus likely to access information already stored in your equipment (smartphone, computer …) and to enter new information.


Clarification of article 30 of GDPR

“Individuals may be associated…with online identifiers such as IP addresses and cookies or other identifiers…. These identifiers can leave traces that, especially when combined with unique identifiers and other information received by servers, can be used to create profiles of individuals and identify those individuals. “

” Les personnes physiques peuvent se voir associer […] des identifiants en ligne tels que des adresses IP et des témoins de connexion (« cookies ») ou d’autres identifiants […]. Ces identifiants peuvent laisser des traces qui, notamment lorsqu’elles sont combinées aux identifiants uniques et à d’autres informations reçues par les serveurs, peuvent servir à créer des profils de personnes physiques et à identifier ces personnes. “

This information reinforces Article 26, which states that any information that can be used to identify an individual directly or indirectly is considered personal data.

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), also referred to by its French acronym RGPD (Règlement général de protection des données) is the new reference text for data protection at the European level. The regulation was published in May 2016, after many years of development.

To learn more about cookies and trackers, we invite you to visit the CNIL (French Data Protection Authority) website:


The trackers used by this website fall into two categories


Trackers exempt from prior consent

We use these trackers to facilitate your navigation on this site, in particular by memorizing your navigation preferences defined during your session and by providing you with the requested services (for example, to avoid having to re-enter information unnecessarily or to oblige you to reconnect every 5 minutes). This information is not used other than on your terminal to facilitate your visit to this site.

These trackers cannot be deactivated from the site without degrading your visit. However, you can oppose the use of these cookies by configuring your browser.


Trackers subject to your prior consent

This site uses trackers under our control that do not collect any personal data and others under the control of third parties such as Google, which are subject to your prior consent.


Trackers under the control of third parties

These trackers are used to establish statistics with Google Analytics, or other services such as Youtube, Facebook on pages that offer videos or sharing functions.

In concrete terms, Google analyzes your behavior but can make cross-references and propose files for marketing purposes for example. It does not know who you are if you are not logged in to a Google account but what you visit or revisit.

This site is registered on as a development site.